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Marble Fireplaces With A Matt Finish Rather Than Gloss

July 09, 2012

We frequently get asked if it is possible to manufacture marble fire surrounds with a matt finish rather than a polished gloss effect. This is more difficult to do than it initially appears:

1. Marble is almost always sold in a high polish finish and very infrequently a matt finish due to the nature of the material. Limestone on the contrary is a matt finish material and can also be used to manufacture fireplaces. It is possible to have matt marble if the polished surface is uniformly removed in a process often referred to as honing or brushed marble.

2. Polished gloss fireplace surfaces are easier to keep clean than matt finishes. For this reason polished marble is much easier to maintain than limestone and more stain resistant. Limestone is a notoriously pours material and very easy to stain if you do not frequently seal the material.

3. Matt fireplaces have become increasingly popular in modern homes as the décor scheme tends to be a minimalist and understated interiors are hence often popular. Homeowners as a result often opt for matt surfaces with a stainless steel or matt Champaign (dull brass) finishes, rather than high gloss with polished shiny chrome/brass.