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Marble Effect Fire Backs Can Be Dangerous

September 22, 2011

A Fire surround consists of a hearth (base of fireplace), surround (outer frame of fireplace) and Back Panel (section where fire is recessed).

What you should know:

1. Fire surrounds should be made from non combustable materials if they would be used with gas fireplaces. Electric Fires can be recessed in a marble effect MDF back panel as there is no requirement for the material to be non-combustable

2. Marble Effect fire back panels are extremely dangerous if you will be using a gas or real fire as the material can catch fire if there is direct heat close to the fire

 3. Marble Back Panels and hearths are not as expensive as many people assume they are. A entire Marble back panel and hearth from our website is only £140 direct from our website. Large sheds like B&Q also stock back panels and hearths, however frequently have “light weight” marble, which is a thin piece of granite backed with a MDF backing. Lightweight granite is safer for large firms as it complies with its health and safety procedures. Smaller fabricators and suppliers such as ourselves believe in traditional solid marble materials (which arguably are longer lasting)