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Large Rebate Fireplaces made to order for flat wall installation

October 01, 2011

If you are fitting a fireplace against a flat wall, you will need to have a internal void built within the fire surround to accommodate the depth of your inset fire.

What is a fireplace rebate?

Conventionally the term “rebate” reefers to a returned cash payment. The fireplace terminology for the same expression is completely different. A fireplace rebate is defined as the distance from the back of the wall to the front of the back panel (section where fire is recessed) The rebate is hence the internal void within the fireplace to accommodate your fire. 

When is a rebate needed?

A large rebate will be needed when you installing a electric or gas fire against a flat wall. Traditionally all fireplaces were installed against a chimney breast with sufficient recess depth to accommodate the full depth of your fire. If you are installing against a flat wall then the only way to inset a fire is if there is sufficient void within the fire surround for the full recess depth of your fire


Adapting a fireplace rebate

1. Building a larger internal void within a fire surround to accommodate a fire is very straight forward if a manufacturer knows what they are doing.

2. To create a void you simply bring the back panel (section where fire is recessed) forward away from the wall. The two side returns of the fireplace and mantle then need to be made deeper to hide the extra depth created. By bringing the back panel forward there is a void between the wall and the back panel which can be specified to create enough room for your fire to be recessed. At Creative Fireplaces we do this all the time, and the end result is stunning & extremely practical.

We make large rebate Fireplaces

At Creative Fireplaces we specialize in manufacturing Marble fireplaces in our very own Nottinghamshire factory. As we are a direct manufacturer, we are able to offer considerable cost savings and adapt any fire surround to suit your specific requirements. We are able to build a void as large as 170mm for our entire range of fire surrounds