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Large Made To Order Fireplaces & Marble Fire Surrounds

June 29, 2012

As bespoke manufacturers, Creative Fireplaces is able to make made to measure fire surrounds to virtually any size or dimensions you specify. We recently manufactured a bespoke made to order marble fireplace 2000mm wide (79 inches) and 1.3 meters (49inches) high. With regular fireplaces typically being 48 inches wide or 54 inches at most, it is difficult if not impossible to source such large measurements without using a specialist manufacture such as ourselves.

Bespoke fires surround advice:

1. If you order a bespoke large fireplace, then it is important that the fabricator makes an entire new cutting list to match your requirements. Often it is easy to simply think that increasing the size of the mantle (top section) or hearth (base section) will achieve the requirements on your brief, however it is important that the entire fireplace (including the body) is made larger in proportion to the overall dimensions required. On average, there should be at least a 2 inch overhang from the edge of the fireplace to the body of the fire surround to create a proportional balance. If there is drastically more space than 2 inches, the fire surround will look stretched and loose all proportionality.  

2. It is important to always ensure heavy fire surrounds are delivered using a two man delivery service. All oversized deliveries on pallets will frequently be damaged in transit and for this reason non standard items are more reliably delivered using a man in a van type scenario