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Is Your Fire Surround Suitable For A Balanced Flue Gas Fire?

July 04, 2011

In today’s market many homeowners are looking to fit a fire surround in a room that may not necessarily have a chimney. There are several ways to fit a gas fire if your home does not have a chimney:

Flueless gas fires

These fires work using a catalytic converter (similar to a car) and change harmful vapour to safe air that is not harmful. It is important to clearly read the instructions as flueless gas fires need a minimum room size to enable enough air flow for the fire to work safely

Electric Fires

These fires can be fitted in virtually any room in your home, and simply plug into a standard 13 amp socket. Electric fires are simply an illusion and create the look and feel of a fire and are usually supplied with an inbuilt 2kw heater. The flame effect can be used independently of the heat source, which means you can have the warm glow of a fire without necessarily having to turn the heater on

Balanced flue gas fires

Perhaps the most popular alternative for installing gas fireplaces in a room without a chimney is by installing a balanced flue gas fire. These fires are externally vented out of an exterior wall

Fire surrounds for Balanced Flue Fires

1. The easiest way to fit a balanced flue fire in a surround is if the fireplace has a 25mm rebate.

2. The rebate is the distance from the back of the wall to the front of the panel. A 25mm rebate ensures the back panel is pushed as far back to the wall as possible: 25mm rebate 20mm thickness of panel = 5mm void for adhesive to stick the back panel to the wall

3. Once your back panel is pushed as far back to your exterior wall as possible (with a 25mm rebate), you are simply able to remove the exterior brick work and fit the vent supplied with your balanced flue gas fire (through your exterior wall).

4. A deeper rebate (greater than 25mm) means you will have to fill the void, and you may have to source a longer vent to push through your exterior wall