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Is the space cut into the fireplace back panel a standard size to fit living flame gas fire?

February 20, 2011

Fireplace back panel’s are usually cut to a standard opening of 22.25 inches high x16.25 inches wide (this is approximately 413 mm X 565 mm). The standard opening in a marble or granite back panel will accommodate 99.9% of all inset gas or electric fires. Some fires may require a larger opening (usually involves increasing the height to 18 inches), however this is very uncommon. At Creative Fireplaces, we manufacture all our marble back panel is and granite back panel's in-house and are able to increase the contact size if needed free of charge.

How to measure the cut out size required in your marble back panel:

firstly, it is important to note that you need to measure or know the recess depth required and not the overall frame size. This means intuitively there is a section which is recess into the marble back panel, and there is an outer frame which is oversized to hide any over cut in the back panel. The measurement you require is the actual recess portion of the fire, rather than the overall frame size. If you're installing a gas fireplace then it is important to seal the back of the back panel to the overall cut out height and width of the marble back panel (usually this is filled with a non-combustible material such as standard cement). By sealing the back of the back panel, your ensuring that there is no heat pockets it could crack the marble back panel if you chimney or flue is inefficient and resonates high amount of heat in a specific area.

The service we offer at Creative Fireplaces

At Creative Fireplaces, we believe that it is our responsibility to educate our customers on the application and correct selection of inset electric or gas fires. For this reason we will always check to make sure your fireplace fits your existing or new inset gas or electric fire, even if you did not purchase your inset fire from us.