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Is the marble used in fireplaces porous and will it stain easily?

February 21, 2011

Marble is unquestionably a porous material and can stain if sufficient care is not taken. Marble does not require a great amount of the maintainers to keep it in the same condition as when it was manufactured or installed. In most cases the best way to maintain a marble fireplace is by taking necessary precautions to ensure that the scratch or stain does not occur:

1. It is always important to clean any spillage that may occur on the surface of the marble as soon as it happens. For example if you spills candle wax by accident on the surface of your marble fireplace, it is imperative that you clean the candle wax of the marble immediately. By not allowing anything to absorbed into the material you are ensuring that there is no discolouration or staining. This is quite rational advice, and you would need to do the same to maintain any similar products such as a solid oak bookcase.

2. It is always important to ensure that there are no sharp objects that could scrape or pierce the surface of the marble (such as a metal candle-holder with sharp edges). Again, this amount of reasonable care would be required to look after any similar products (such as a oak table).

Does my marble fireplace need to be sealed to avoid it from staining

At Creative Fireplaces all our marble is sealed source (the country in which the marble is sourced) and does not need to be re-sealed after purchase. We also reseal every marble fireplace prior to dispatch, and we feel this is sufficient to protect the surface of the marble for life.