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Is It Safe To Leave A Gas Fire On Overnight?

April 10, 2012

Many homeowners would turn off a solid fuel fire prior to going to bed for safety reasons as there is potentially a open burning fire in your home. Arguably solid fuel fires should also be extinguished

if your are using a sold fuel wood burning stove for the same reasons.

Should gas fires be turned off or left overnight?

(1) In our opinion the cheapest way to heat your home is to use an efficient central heating system. Gas fires (even high efficiency models) are currently not as economical to run as a conventional central heating system

(2) It is advisable to turn off your gas fire when you go to bed as there is a lowered risk of fire in your home. It is always prudent to fit a fire alarm (carbon monoxide) near a gas fireplace for obvious reasons

(3) For families with young children it is always safer to use a fire guard and closely monitor fires when they are on. children often get drawn to the warmth of fires, and are frequently not fully aware of the potential risks of playing with the fire or being so close to the open living flames