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Is it possible to repair minor damage and chips on Marble Fireplaces?

August 02, 2010

In almost all circumstances Marble fireplaces are manufactured from sheets of 20mm marble. Each sheet is profiled and cut into sections and rejoined to form the shape and design of the Marble fire surround. A marble fireplace consists of the following parts:

1. Two fireplace pillars,

2. A back panel,

3. Hearth,

4. And a mantle Each section of the fireplace can be damaged or have minor chips over time. It is possible to repair certain sections by following a few tried and tested trade tricks that stone masons have developed over generations.

How to repair minor damages and chips on marble fireplaces:

1) Firstly start by cleaning the fire surround. Use a clean cloth with warm water (use a small amount of water, do not drench the fireplace).  Clean the fireplace with non coloured soap, and wipe off any residue that may occur.

2) Use some regular home furniture polish to remove any stains or marks that may remain in the area where the damage, scratch and chips are.

3) Now use some clear wax (can be from a clear candle), and rub the wax into the chip. It is also possible to melt the wax into the affected area, but be careful not to cover any unaffected area with candle wax. Once the wax has been inserted into the affected area, use a blade to scrape off the excess wax. The process should hide the chip and damage on the marble fireplace.