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Is Any Granite Hearth Suitable For A Wood burner Stove?

January 26, 2012

Answer: No, the hearth must be cut and rejoined for solid fuel With the growing popularity of solid fuel stoves and wood burners almost all fireplace showrooms and online retailers are receiving more inquiries for made to measure granite hearths suitable for solid fuel. Unfortunately most retailers (supposedly specialists) are unaware about the requirements of solid fuel products and missives customers which will eventually lead to a crack forming in the hearth in due course.

Suitable hearths for wood burners

1. The hearth must be cut and rejoined for solid fuel and stoves. The joints on the hearth allow the heat to disperse without cracking the hearth. The back of the hearth should also be filled with cement on site (some people call this ‘Slabbing’). Bedding the hearth with sand and cement (at the back) will increase its resistance to heat and extreme temperatures by creating a heat soak. It is possible to purchase a hearth or back panel (section where fire is recessed) which has already been filled with sand & cement during the manufacturing process; however this makes it extremely heavy and unpractical to handle

2. It is commonly assumed that hearths for wood burning stoves do not need a cut and rejoined hearth as they are on feet. This is incorrect as there is immense heat near the hearth and this will eventually lead to a crack

3. Marble or Micro Marble (artificial stone) is not suitable for solid fuel applications whatsoever regardless of how it is manufactured