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If You Can Smell Gas Then Your Fireplace Is Dangerous

December 07, 2012

We recently had a customer come into our showroom asking us to service and existing gas fire that has an unusual odour and smell of gas whilst it is being used. The customer was particularly concerned and wanted someone to come our pretty quickly to have a look and service the appliance.

What you should know:

1. Gas fireplaces are dangerous if they are not properly serviced and kept in good condition. It is particularly dangerous if you can smell gas or an unusual odour from your appliance and this should be looked into immediately. You should call the emergency services to disconnect gas to your gas fireplace if you can smell gas.

2. It is important to note that it is illegal to install a gas appliance if you are not adequately qualified to do so. You must be a Gas Safe Registered installer to fit or work gas appliances.

3. Gas is a toxic vapour and for that reason it is important to always ensure that you have a working CO2 alarm installed in your home. Carbon Monoxide poisoning is a silent killer and you must ensure that you & your family are adequately protected from the risks associated with this by having a working C02 alarm fitted in your home.