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I am unsure what rebate I need for my fireplace surround

June 07, 2011

At Creative Fireplaces, we often get asked what rebate would be needed for correct installation of a fireplace. Unfortunately the answer is not as straight forward as it may seem initially and requires a little understanding of the subject matter:

What is a fireplace rebate?

1. The total rebate includes the thickness of the back panel as the fire usually (99.99%) sits in front of the panel, and hence the back panel forms part of the total void

2. The smallest rebate possible is 25mm. This means there is a 5mm void which is needed for adhesive to secure the back panel against the wall (25mm– 20mm thickness of panel = 5mm void)

3. To install a fireplace against a flat wall you need to allow for the total depth of the fire. In most cases 75mm will be sufficient to recess the fire against a flat wall. It is always advisable to check the thickness of your fire prior to placing an order as the fire depth will vary from model to model

Creative fireplaces modifies the rebate

At Creative Fireplaces, it is standard practice for us to call all our customers after placing an order to ensure that we have created the right rebate or void to recess their required fire (even if it was not purchased from us). Remember our main business is marble fireplaces and whilst we subsidise the cost of fires to all our customers, we would be happy to manufacture you a fireplace even if you will not be purchasing a fire from us

What looks best?

A 25mm rebate (minimum void) will always look best on a fire surround. The minimum void will ensure that the back panel is pushed as far back to the wall as possible, this will leave you more room on the hearth and improve the overall effect of the fireplace.