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How To Tell If A Fire Surround Is Solid Marble Or Resin

June 29, 2011

Marble Fireplaces are completely different to resin fire surrounds and it is important to be able to tell the difference between the two products. The below article will examine and explain both products

What is a resin fire surround?

1. Resin fireplaces are fire surrounds manufactured in moulds with a resin based glue mixed with marble pigmentation or colouring

2. Resin fireplaces are cast products which are set in a mould. They tend to have complex shapes and are often seamless as they are made in moulds

3. Resin fire surrounds are warm to touch

4. These fireplaces are made from a high concentration of resin, often 80% to 90% of the mixture is resin and a very small percentage is marble or colouring

What are marble fireplaces and Micro marble surrounds?

1. Marble fireplaces can either be made from sheets of 100% pure marble or manmade marble called micro marble. Micro marble is an engineered stone similar to Quartz which is used for kitchen worktops. Both Natural marble and micro marble are commonly referred to as “Marble Fireplaces” in the UK

2. Micro Marble is a lovely stone, and is made from 95% marble mixed with 5% resin (typically depending on the colour). The material is uniform and hence forms the perfect surface to use when manufacturing fireplaces