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How to replace our current fireplace hearth and back panel, possibly in black marble, brick to a lighter colour and have this made to measure

March 07, 2011

In some circumstances, it is often difficult to replace your existing brick fire surround for a new modern contemporary marble fireplace or timber fire surround. There is a large amount of upheaval in removing a brick built fireplace in the centre of your living. As a direct manufacturer of marble and granite products creative fireplaces has been asked several times to build made-to-measure replacement sections to cover and decorate an existing brick built fire surround.

How to get a quote for a made-to-measure fire surround to cover your brick built chimney:

1. It is important to firstly clearly identify what you are trying to achieve. For some homeowners is simply enough to cover the front face the fireplace and fireplace hearth (the base section of the fire surround). In this case you should clearly measure the sections which you're trying to replace and make a list of the dimensions you require.

2. Alternatively, you may wish to cover the full fireplace with marble for example. In this case, it is important to measure clearly all the sections you require and also indicate any sides that need to be polished.

3. In some circumstances it will be a lot easier to knockout the existing brick built fireplace, and replace it with a standard marble fireplace or timber fire surround. If you decide to go down this route, then it is important to note that creative fireplaces we are able to manufacture a custom-made to measure fireplace hearth to cover the cut out in your floor, which ensures that you do not have to replace your existing carpet or a laminate floor.