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How To Replace Blown Fireplace Down Lights?

January 15, 2013

At Creative Fireplaces we typically manufacture the majority of our marble fire surrounds with integrated down lights. The down lights are carved under the header of the fireplace with a hidden switch to turn the lights on and off.

How to replace down lights:

1. Provided your fireplace has been supplied with properly integrated down lights you should be able to easily pull out the light fitting and replace the bulbs.

2. The fireplace bulbs supplied with our fireplaces are simple 12 volt (20 volt equivalent) halogen bulbs with two pins at the bottom of the light. To change the bulb simply pull the old bulb out and push in the new bulb.

3. To replace the bulbs on our fireplaces, you simply need to pull out the light housing from the header of your fireplace. To replace the bulbs you need to firstly remove a metal ring around the lights and then carefully remove the glass around the lights. To replace the light simply remove the old bulb and replace a new halogen bulb.