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How To Remove Bleach Stains On A Marble Fireplace Surround

April 16, 2012

 Marble Fireplace Surrounds can easily be stained permanently by harsh bleach chemicals. These chemicals penetrate the polished surface of the marble and visually look like watermarks that can not be wiped off. 

How to remove bleach stains on marble fire surrounds 

(1) Marble fire surrounds will be permanently stained with bleach and this can not be removed. There is no hand held polishing tools that can be used on-site to remove dull patched that are caused by bleach stains on marble. Using hand held buffing tools and polishers will essentially highlight the affected area & in many cases make it much worse.  

(2) Many surfaces such as stone, limestone, and even natural oak will be permanently stained by bleach and unfortunately this can not be removed after the damage has occurred. 

Advise on how to deal with bleach stains on marble fireplaces 

1. As it is not possible to remove stains once they occur, it is possible to consider reading your home insurance policy. In some cases your accidental damage cover can cover the cost of replacing the damaged fire  surround. 

2. We have heard several stories where by homeowners have mistakenly hired local stone masons to try and work onsite to repair affected and damaged areas. Unfortunately the top service of the marble is polished using a flat bed polisher in a factory and no hand held tools will be able to re-polish the surface onsite (hence hand held polishers may make the entire situation much worse)