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How To Polish Marble Fireplaces

October 20, 2011

We often get asked how to polish Marble Fire Surrounds. In actual fact marble fire surrounds are very easy to maintain and simply need to be wiped down with a damp cloth and polished if needed with congenital home furniture polish.

What you should know:

1. Many showrooms sell expensive marble polishing kits (often for £30 or more). These kits are mostly comprised of sealers (to protect the surface of the marble) and several cleaning liquids

2. You should never use bleach on the surface of a marble fireplace as it will penetrate the polished surface and cause a permanent stain that can not be removed. All other harsh cleaning products should never be used on the surface of marble.

3. If you need to use cleaning products on your marble surround (I can’t imagine why), then it is advisable to test the effect of this on a small area of the fireplace that is not prominent first (prior to applying to to the entire fire surround) 4. Marble sealers protect the surface of the stone by filling all the pin holes. The sealers also change the nature of the stone to be less pours, and hence make it easier to maintain. If you are using a gas or electric inset fire then it is not really necessary to ever re-seal the surface of the stone. If you have a solid fuel fire (wood burning stove) then you should always seal the surface of the stone as ash and smog will penetrate the surface of the marble and may cause a permanent stain