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How To Pick The Right Stone For Your Fireplace.

January 09, 2013

At Creative Fireplaces, we often get surprised with the number of people that order fireplaces without seeing samples prior to making a decision. Essentially the majority of fireplace websites are unable to offer samples as they are selling other manufacturers goods are simply a firm making a profit by selling goods online. The main problem however with ordering a fireplace online is that computer images do not accurately represent the true colour of the marble or stone used to manufacture your fire surround. We therefore offer our customers samples which can be ordered to ensure that the colour you select is right for your home.

Different types of fireplace materials:

1. Firepalces can be either made from natural marble which will vary in colour between the slab and essentially is random in nature. Samples or a physical display in a showroom will give you a rough idea as to what the fireplace will look like, but will not be 100% representative unfortunately.

2. Limestone is a porous material that varies from slab to slab. Typically limestone fireplaces have several fossils and random marking running through the material. Semi Rijio limestone has horizontal veining where as other types of limestone (such as Agean Limestone) are more uniform 3.Micro marble is 95% marble and 5% resin depending on the colour. This is nowardays seen as the most popular type of material and is very popular in the fireplace industry as it is extremely uniform and consistent. This makes it an ideal material to use for fireplaces as you can gauge an exact representation of the colour.