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How To Order A Bespoke Marble Fire Surround

November 21, 2011

In some circumstances it is necessary to order a made to measure fire surround to fit into specific aspects of your home. At Creative Fireplaces, we own our own marble factory and are able to manufacture any marble fire surrounds to order.

Why would you need a made to measure fire surround?

1. A carpet or wooden flooring is cut around the existing fireplace hearth, and it is necessary to have a made to measure hearth to cover the cut out in your flooring to avoid having to order new carpets or wooden flooring

2. Some homes have irreplaceable dado rail around the room that needs to be maintained. In this case it is important to order a fire surround with the same external width as the current fire surround and hence avoid having to redecorate the entire room

3. Some homeowners have a specific design or modification that would complement the look and feel of their home and require something non standard to accommodate this requirement. For example: We recently manufactured a made to measure fire surround for a couple who wanted to maintain a rustic look to a inset wood burning stove & had specific requirements in order to do so

What you should do when ordering a bespoke fire surround

1. Essentially it is important to always clearly photograph and document what you are trying to achieve

2. Ordering a made to measure fire surround is more complex than most people assume as there are lots of small factors that need to be taken into account (that are best discussed and highlighted rather than left as an assumption). EG: Many customers do not realise that the inner cut out in a fireplace back panel is not polished (as it is an unseen area on the fire surround). In some circumstances this area may be visible and need a polished finish – for example if you are fitting a recessed stove or simply lining the inside of the fire with candles. For this reason it is very important to clearly identify what you currently have and what you would like in diagrams, writing and verbal conversation

3. Below is an example of the type of information and clear visual diagrams you should send when ordering a bespoke made to measure fire surround

Ordering a bespoke fire surround from us:

1. At Creative Fireplaces, we have been in the industry since 1990 and have one of the most advanced factories in the UK. We have a zero defects policy and strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction by clearly identifying what you are looking for

2. We work with every customer to identify visual diagrams and images that clearly show what you are looking to achieve

3. We then make a full detailed list of the work needed

4. A senior stone mason would take a look at the work – to try and spot any errors or inconsistencies

5. Our factory production manager will review each order with the client to make sure we fully understand your expectations

6. An email order confirmation is sent immediately as soon as you confirm your order

7. A printed order confirmation is sent to your home as soon shortly after