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How Many Pieces Are Marble Fire Surrounds Supplied In?

March 17, 2012

The average marble fireplace surround is supplied in 6 sections. At Creative Fireplaces we typically try and design our fireplace to be in sections that are easy to handle and fit. 

Fireplace sections

1. The typical fireplace has a hearth (base section of fireplace). The hearth can simply be placed on a carpet or laminate flooring if you are fitting an electric fire. However, if you are fitting a gas fire then the hearth must be bedded on a sand and cement base (as this acts as a heat soak). 

2. The fireplace back panel is fitted next. This is the section where the fire is recessed and usually has a cut out 16.25 inches wide x 22.25 inches high. At Creative Fireplaces we make all our back panels in one piece (without a joint). Some cheap imports have the back panel cut into three sections as this is cheaper to manufacturer and saved space in transportation. 

3. The fireplace legs are fitted using hidden internal brackets that simply screw into the wall. All our fireplaces are supplied with factory fitted hidden brackets

4. The mantle is fitted using clear silicon to stick it to the body of the fireplace. It is possible to use alternative permanent adhesives, however it is best to use something that can be removed if required