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How Heavy Is a Marble Or Stone Fireplace?

January 21, 2012

Depending on the size of the fire surround, typically Marble Fireplaces weigh in excess of 250 Kg (23 stone). Due to the immense weight associated with marble fireplaces, we manufacture all our fire surrounds in sections to make each individual piece manageable and a weight that can easily be handled and manoeuvred * Our fireplaces are supplied in typically 6 sections: (1) The hearth (2) The back panel (3&4) the fireplace columns (5) the header & (6) the mantle * Each section is a reasonable weight and can be carried with ease and without the risk of injury 

Our delivery service

1. At Creative Fireplaces we clearly understand that it may not be possible for you to assist our drivers in removing or handling your new fire surround and for that reason our drivers carry each section of your fireplace into your home for you and do not expect you to help them in any way whatsoever 2. Most fireplace companies do not offer this service as standard and deliver on a palletised courier. The main problem with a palletised service is the inevitable unreliability of this and it is often difficult if not impossible to maintain quality standards as couriers are not experienced in handling the products they are transporting