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How Good Does Your Fireplace Customer Service Have To Be?

December 13, 2012

At Creative Fireplaces we strive to achieve the very best reputation and level of service for our customers. We simply do everything we possibly can to ensure customers are happy with orders and that everything is manufactured to the highest standards to ensure we deliver above and beyond customers expectations.

How important is customer service?

1. At Creative Fireplaces, we believe customer service is the single most important determining factor of our current success. We will always strive to offer only the highest standards to all our customers. As a company we know how frustrating it can ordering products online or in store if proper customer satisfaction policies are not in place.

For example:

2. We recently ordered a Christmas Tree from Groupon for our London showroom and have had nothing but poor customer service from Groupon.

The vendor of the Christmas tree advertised a 6 feet high tree for nominal £30 which was very appealing for our showroom window display. However the tree has never been delivered and the vendor does not answer emails or respond in any way possible. We complained to Groupon and they have advised us that they will investigate and try have the Christmas tree delivered in 10 working days which is ironically after Christmas.

Creative Fireplaces takes customer service very seriously and you would never experience this sort of problem with us.