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How Do You Replacement A Back Boiler Fireplaces & Fire Surround?

April 14, 2012

Replacement back boiler fireplaces are extremely technical and require careful consideration and planning to ensure that everything fits & is compatible. 

Common problems with replacing back boiler fireplaces: 

(1) As you are probably aware back boiler fireplaces will soon be or are already a thing of the past & as a result are difficult to replace. Essentially the majority of boiler manufacturers are no longer making replacement gas fires for back boiler systems as there simply isn't the demand to warrant the time needed to modernize the range and offering. As a result you will have limited choice if you decide to keep the current back boiler and replace the gas fire. 

(2) It is not possible to simply replace the current gas fire for a new conventional gas fire as modern gas fires are not designed to work with back boiler systems and need to be vented in some manner typically. 

(3) When replacing an existing back boiler system you need to maintain access to the boiler which may need to be serviced. For this reason any decorative fire or fire surround that is placed in-front of the fire must be in a position where it can be removed to allow an engineer to service your boiler with ease.