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How Do I Polish A Marble Fireplace?

December 25, 2012

We often get asked how to polish the edged on a marble fireplace. The answer and techniques used are often more complex than they initially appear. Essentially Marble is polished using a series of buffing pads and stones that remove the harsh layer and bring out the inner beauty of the marble. Marble can either be polished using a hand held machine or using a flat bed automated polishing line.

How To polish marble:

. The slabs used to manufacture Marble Fireplaces are imported pre-polished on the top face of the material . This means the sheets simply need to be cut to size and profiled accordingly (depending on the design).

2. The edges of the fireplace are then profiled and shaped according the design of the fireplace. Hence all curved and intricate edges are carved accordingly. The edges of the fireplace are usually polished using automated CNC (computer Numeric Control machinery) and then simply need to be assembled. It is advisable to also re-polish the edges of the material by hand (series of specialist sanding paper to ensure the highest quality standards are maintained).

3. It is often not possible to achieve the same high level of polish on marble by using hand held machines as the pressure exerted by automated machinery cannot be replicated by hand. About Us: At Creative Fireplaces we have been manufacturing marble fire surrounds for over 22 years. Each section of the fireplace is carefully crafted in our purpose built Nottinghamshire factory and delivered right to your door using our specialist drivers. We pride ourselves in value for money and quality.