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How Do I know My Fire Will Fit The Back Panel Opening?

November 27, 2011

We often get asked if a fire will be suitable for our fire surrounds and in most cased all gas or electric inset fires will fit into a standard back panel opening. 

What you should know

1. Fire manufacturers do not (hardly) make or offer a range of fire surrounds 2. The majority (99%) of gas or electric fire will fit into an opening 22.25 inches high x 16.25 inches wide (565mm wide x 413mm high) 3. Essentially all fire manufacturers have a vested interest to insure fires fit into a standard opening so that the fire will be suitable to the mass majority of fire surrounds. For this reason almost all fires will fit into a standard cut out 4. At Creative Fireplaces, we manufacture all our fire surrounds in Nottinghamshire. We can easily increase the size of the cut out in the back panel if needed at no extra charge

Installation advice

If you chimney has a larger opening than the opening in the back panel then you should brick up the chimney to the same size as the opening in the back panel if you are fitting a gas fire. This will prevent the build up of excessive heat behind the back panel (avoid a heat trap). If your fitter does not do this, then there is a high risk of the back panel cracking after installation