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How difficult it is to put together a marble fireplace surround as the sections delivered are similar to a jigsaw puzzle?

March 17, 2011

All the Marble fireplace surrounds that we manufacture at Creative Fireplaces are extremely intuitive and easy to put together, as they are custom-designed with ease of installation in mind. All the necessary fixing brackets are attached to the fire surround in our factory, and simply need to be screwed into your chimney or wall.

Why marble fireplaces are frequently delivered sections:

1. Marble fireplaces are frequently delivered in sections rather than as a full rigid body, to make them easier to transport and handle. The average marble fireplace manufactured at creative fireplaces ways in excess of 250 kg (23 stone). Handling the entire fireplace glued together (supplied rigid) would require a fork truck or a considerable number of people.

2. Supplying the fire surrounds in sections also ensures that you have sufficient access to securely wrapped individual pieces, which minimises the risk of damage during transit.

3. In most homes in the UK walls and floors are frequently not level. Ay supplying fire surrounds in sections, you are able to level out certain aspects of the fire surround using fillers and adhesive. This will not be possible if the entire fire surround was supplied rigid as there would be no play and tolerances would have to be 100%.