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How Can Tiles Be Used To Make A Fireplace Hearth?

November 10, 2012

At Creative Fireplaces we specialise in made to measure fireplace hearths. However we frequently get asked if there are alternative materials that can be used to make a fireplace hearth (base section of fireplace).

Making a fireplace hearth from tiles:

1. Essentially the main purpose of the hearth is to provide a non-combustible surface and to prevent the accidental risk of your carpet or wooden flooring catching fire. For this reason it is important to maintain non combustible surface below a gas or solid fuel fire.

2. To comply with regulations, fireplace hearths should be at least 50mm thick. The majority of the fireplace hearths we manufacture at Creative Fireplaces are actually 60mm thick. The hearth is manufactured by using a 20mm horizontal section with a vertical section that is 40mm high approximately (20mm plus 40mm = 60m).

3. To make a fireplace hearth out of tiles you will need to raise the overall height of the to 50mm or 60mm by bedding it on a sand and cement base. However the main problem is that you will see the 40mm vertical section of the cement as you look at the hearth and this will be visually displeasing.

Made to measure hearths

If you need a fireplace hearth made to your requirements, then please feel free to send us an email with the required dimensions and we would be happy to work out a competitive price as per your requirements.