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How Can I Heat Your Home With An Efficient Fireplace?

February 08, 2012

Recently the UK has had severe weather warnings that seem to be similar to what we experienced last year. Severe weather and extensive snow seems to be a reoccurring phenomenon & possibly due to the harmful effects of global warming. At Creative Fireplaces, we often get asked how to heat your home with a carefully selected fireplace, and this article will help highlight some of the most important aspects that you should be aware of:

 1. Fireplaces are nowadays intended to be a decorative feature to your home rather than a principle source of primary heat. Despite what other fireplace specialists say, we would strongly advice that you invest in an efficient central heating system as this is the most efficient method to heat your home 2. Solid fuel wood burning stoves are often argued to be more efficient than gas central heating systems, however as most homeowners are aware this involves storing wood as fuel and is a hassle & storage issue to say the least. There is however something magical about a real wood burning fire that creates a wonderful atmosphere and these fires have considerable heat outputs. For this reason wood burning stoves have again become very popular in today’s market 3. High efficiency gas fires are a cleaver alternative if you’re considering using gas as a heat source. These fires are on average 95% efficient (depending on the model) and are hence extremely efficient 4. Electric fireplaces are not as effective at heating homes as the maximum heat output is only 2kw (remember they plug into a standard socket). However, most homeowners often consider this as the best option as they have rarely used their gas fire and simply want a fire as a decorative focal point rather than a principle source of heat