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Granite Hearths For Wood Burners

January 13, 2013

If you are looking for a replacement hearth for your wood burning stove, then there are several things you should be aware of prior to placing an order and specifying what you are looking for:

Useful information about Wood Burner Hearths:

1. Wood burners should be placed on a non –flammable surface (hence the need to have a base called a fireplace hearth). Typically the hearth can be made in any shape or size you required if you select a supplier like us that owns a factory. The hearth can either be designed to fit into the corner of a property or conventionally in the centre of a chimney.

2. It is important to clearly measure the area you require the hearth to cover. If you require a hearth to cover an existing cut out in your wooden flooring or carpets, then you should make this clear to avoid any confusion and ensure that the replacement hearth is manufactured to your specifications. Essentially the most common fireplace hearth shape is the “boxed and lipped effect”. This involves having a horizontal section (20mm thick) with a vertical under section called a riser (40mm high) stuck to the bottom of it and recessed back about 10mm. Hence the hearth appears to have the conventional boxed and lipped look. It is important to mention the size of flooring you need to cover (if applicable) as the bottom section should be manufactured to cover the required area.

3. Fireplace hearths for wood burners should ideally be manufactured with expansion joints to allow the heat to disperse. This is often known as “a cut and rejoined hearth” or a slabbed hearth.