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Granite Fireplace Hearth Covers & Replacement Fire Hearths

August 30, 2012

At Creative Fireplaces we have been manufacturing replacement made to measure fireplace hearths for over 22 years. It is very useful to either replace your existing hearth or make a new hearth to act as a cover over your current slab on the floor. Essentially we can manufacture anything that you may require made to individual measurements.

1. All our fireplace hearths are made in our very own UK Nottinghamshire factory.

2. To measure the size of your current hearth you simply need to measure the length and width of your existing cut out that you need to cover. It is also useful to measure the overall height you intend to achieve. Standard fireplace hearths are 60mm high. This comprises of a 20mm horizontal section with a 40mm vertical section called a riser stuck underneath. It is possible to vary the overall height of the hearth by adapting the size of the vertical riser.

3. If you are installing a gas fire then you need a fireplace hearth to be made from non combustible material such as marble, granite or limestone (materials such as timber are not suitable). However if you will be fitting an electric fire, then there is no such limitations.

4. Fireplace hearths should be at least 50mm high for gas fireplaces.

5. Fire hearths for solid fuel fire surrounds should be at least 18 inches deep as a rule of thumb