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Gaps In A Marble Fireplace Surround

December 15, 2012

We recently got approached by a customer with a particular problem. They purchased a marble fire surround from a local showroom and the fireplace has large gaps towards the side of the fireplace as can be seen from the image. The most alarming thing is that the showroom refused to accept any liability for this and the customer has been unable to get a refund for the fireplace or poor installation. We were asked to manufacture cut to size pieces to cover the exposed areas around the fireplace.

Gaps In Marble Fireplaces:

1.  We manufactured specific cut to size pieces to cover the required dimensions. The main limiting factor was matching the colour of the original marble fireplace with the new side pieces.

2.  The side pieces of the fireplace are known as column returns in the industry. Typically the main piece of marble should have ideally touched the wall. However in this situation another piece will be stuck to the edges of the fireplace. After carefully considering the alternatives we designed cut to size pieces that have an ogee edge profile and hence are more decorative. We essentially aim to build the new addition to the fireplace to seem more integrated and part of the design.