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Fitting A Electric Fire Against A Flat Wall

November 23, 2011

Modern homes are often built without a chimney. This is a particular problem if you are fitting an electric fire against a flat wall as there isn’t a recess to accommodate the depth of the fire within the wall.

What are my options?

1. If you are fitting an electric fireplace against a flat wall, then you can either fit the fire with a spacer kit or have a rebated fireplace manufactured

2. A spacer kit is a black trim that hides the depth of the fire. Essentially the depth of the fire is hidden by a trim and sits on the hearth (base section of fire surround)

3. Fireplace specialists (such as Creative Fireplaces) can make a deeper fire surround with an internal void that can accommodate the depth of an electric fire. On average electric fires need a 55mm recess (less than 2 inches)

4. A fireplace rebate is created by pulling the back panel forward (the distance from the back of the wall to the front of the back panel creates a void). The fireplace columns & mantle are also made deeper to hide the depth created