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Fireplaces Without A Chimney Or Flue System Guide

December 05, 2011

Many modern homes are built without a chimney or flue, however homeowners may still wish to install a fireplace. The below guide will highlight the various aspects that you should be aware and clearly describe the three options available:

What is a chimney or flue

Traditionally all homes in the UK had to be built with a chimney, as this was the central part of the home used as a primary source for heating and in many cases even used as central kitchen. When people refer to a chimney, they are often referring to a brick built chimney. A flue system can either be a pre cast or class 2 flue. The images below will help you identify what chimney or flue system you have

Option 1: Balanced flue gas fires

A balanced flue gas fire is designed to be fitted in a home without a chimney or flue. These fires are externally vented through an external wall. Balanced flue fires are a great alternative if you want to fit a gas fire without the conventional chimney breast or flue. These fires are usually high efficiency as they are glass fronted and typically cost in excess of £400

Option 2: Flueless gas fires

Flueless gas fireplace technology has recently been developed. These fires are relatively new to the UK, however have been around in the USA for many years. Flueless gas fires work using a catalytic converter (similar to a car) to transform toxic vapor to a safe form. These fires need a minimum room size and sometimes need an air brick removed to comply with installation guidelines

Option 3: Electric fires

Electric fireplaces have come along way from their predecessors and nowadays are extremely realistic. To fit a electric fireplace in a home without a chimney or flue system is really easy and can be done by anyone with reasonable DIY skills (as no special trades are required provided there is a regular 13 amp socket nearby). At Creative Fireplaces, we can manufacture a fire surround with a 75mm recess, which would allow you to recess the depth of an electric fire within a specially created cavity within a fire surround. Essentially, this allows you to fully recess an electric fire against a flat wall