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Fireplaces for wood burning stoves

June 21, 2011

Many homeowners are looking to use a fire surround in a wood burning stove. Fire surrounds complement the overall look and feel of the property and add character to your living room.

1. It is quite common to simply lay a wood burning stove on a simple hearth and have a wooden beam above the stove as a mantle

2. A fireplace hearth (base section of fireplace) that will be used with a wood burning stove must be slabbed. This process involves cutting the hearth into sections and creating purpose built expansion joints. Effectively this creates a way for the hot air to escape without the risk of cracking the hearth or back panel in the process. The back of the hearth can be filled with cement to further increase the resistance to heat

3. The daylight opening is a term used to describe the overall opening within the fire surround to recess a stove, cast iron insert or fire. Essentially you should make sure that there is no direct heat touching the marble as this could potentially crack the marble or discolour the surface of the marble

4. The inner chamber of the fireplace should be filled with either fire proof board (often called vermiculite board) or tiled with fire bricks (as shown in the example below)

Creative Fireplaces made to measure service

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