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Fireplace Hearth Edge Finishes Ogee, Bull nose, Bowed and Triple pencil

September 03, 2011

A fireplace hearth is the base section of a fire surround and undoubtedly an important part of the fireplace.

Aesthetic fireplace hearths

A hearth can easily transform the overall look and feel of your living room. We often get young and more established elderly couples drawn to the overall look and feel of a curved bowed hearth. There is definitely a wow factor created by a carefully crafted fireplace hearth (similar to alloys on a car)

Why have Fireplace Hearths?

1. Traditionally fireplace hearths were developed to serve as a security and safety function by protecting falling ash, coal or logs falling onto carpets or the interior of any home

2. Fireplaces were once the primary source of heat in homes (as there was no central heating systems), and many people were at risk of standing too close the burning fire. The hearth served as a safety distance between the fire and the homeowner. Essentially fireplace hearth came out 15 inches or 18 inches into the room and prevented people (especially young children) from wondering dangerously close to the burning fire. This was very crucial as fires were regularly used throughout the year to heat homes

Made to measure fireplace hearths

At Creative fireplaces, we specialise in manufacturing bespoke made to measure and ready-made hearths. We have our own factory and are on average 70% cheaper than most high street alternatives