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Fireplace & Fire Surround Sections With Fitting Instructions

November 28, 2011

Today almost all marble fire surrounds supplied in the UK are prefabricated in factories and are hence supplied in a few manageable sections. The below article will examine how to install a marble fire surround: 1. Typically marble fire surrounds are supplied in 5-6 sections depending on the design you select:

(a) Hearth (base section of fire surround)

(b) Back Panel (section where fire is recessed)

(c) The fireplace columns (typically supplied in two sections) (d) The fireplace header

(e) The mantle is the top layer of the fire surround


1. We strongly recommend you check each piece of the fire surround prior to installation

2. Damages are almost impossible to rectify once the fire surround is fitted

3. If you are storing your fire surround prior to installation, the always be careful to rest all the edges on carpet or blankets (as it is very easy to chip or damage the fire surround)

Fitting Advice:

Step 1: As show in in the diagram, the first stage of installing a fire surround is to bed the hearth (base section of fire surround) onto the floor. * It is important t use a spirit level to ensure this section is level

Step 2: Stick the back panel to the wall if you have ordered a fire surround with a 25mm rebate (no internal void). Alternatively pull the back panel forward if you have ordered a special rebated fire surround with a internal void (EG: If you are fitting an electric fire against a flat wall with no recess)

Step 3: Secure the fireplace columns to the wall. At Creative Fireplaces, we manufacture all our fire surrounds with hidden internal fixing brackets and it is extremely easy to screw the fireplace columns (legs) to the wall using these factory fitted brackets

Step 4: Use a small amount of silicon and secure the fireplace header against the legs (remember to guide it down and do not drop the header)

Step 5: Use a small amount of silicon to secure the mantle onto the body of the fire surround