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Fire Surround For A Wood Burning Stove

December 06, 2012

Wood burning stoves are a great accessory to any home. With the rising cost of fuel, many homeowners opt to burn wood and coal as opposed to gas/electric options. However a simple wood burning stove alone does not give you a decorative feature fireplace with a mantle. For this reason, many homeowners opt to have a wood burning stove fitted in a marble fire or limestone surround. However the main limitation is the excessive heat output generated from this type of fireplace and we often get asked how far away the marble should be from a wood burning stove.

Fire surrounds for wood burners

1. Each wood burning stove is supplied with a CE certificate. This is a mandatory requirement to ensure that it has been tested and is suitable for re-sale in the UK. The certificate will clearly state the required distance away from combustible materials. Although marble, limestone or granite is not technically combustible, we recommend you follow this minimum distance as a guideline distance that should be maintained away from the stove and before your fire surround.

2. As a UK manufacture of fire surrounds, at Creative Fireplaces we will custom build your fire surround to fit within the parameters specified in the CE certificate. Hence the outer dimension and inner opening will be sufficiently adapted to suit your specific requirements.


Example Shown:

1. In the example shown the required distances are 400mm to the side of the fire surround

2. The CE certificate specifies a 700mm distance on the rear