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Electric fireplaces are the future and may replace gas fireplaces and solid fuel fireplaces as they are cheaper and do not require a chimney

December 23, 2010

Electric fireplaces have been around for centuries, however very early models had poor flame effects and for that reason electric fireplaces have not been very popular in a large number of homes.

What has changed and made electric fireplaces so popular?

1. Electric fireplaces are simple to install and do not require a qualified tradesman provided you have a socket nearby. This reduced the installation cost and offers considerable savings

2. Electric fireplaces can be installed in virtually any room in the home. This means that no exterior wall or chimney is required, unlike gas fireplaces which all need to be vented in some way.

3. Electric fireplaces do not emit any toxic fumes and for that reason are very family safe

4. You can probably install an electric fireplace yourself as they simply plug into a standard 13amp socket. At Creative Fireplaces, all our fire surrounds are incredibly easy to install and the surround simply needs to be screwed into the wall (brackets already attached to the fireplace).

5. Electric fireplaces are mainly designed for a visual effect and are a cleaver optical illusion. They have the advantage of being able to use the flame effect without having to turn the heater on. This means they can provide a lovely warm glow without having to turn the heating on (this is not possible on regular gas fireplaces)