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Electric fire suites UK what fireplace recess is required for a electric fire surround?

January 12, 2011

Electric fire suites are incredibly popular for their ease of installation and convenience. Modern electric fire suites can be installed in any room in the home as they do not require any exterior venting or a chimney of any sort. Electric fireplaces simply plug into a standard 13 amp socket, and can be installed by anyone who is reasonably capable in DIY. At Creative Fireplaces all our Electric fire suites are supplied with factory fitted brackets that simply need to be screwed into the wall or chimney, and for that reason are incredibly easy to install.

Are electric fire suites realistic?

Traditionally Electric fire suites were very unrealistic, however like most things advancements in technology have drastically changed the flame effect on electric fire suites. Some major manufacturers such as Dimplex have pioneered the way to installing smoke machines in some electric fireplaces making them virtually identical in appearance to solid fuel wood burning fires (this range is called the Optimist range)

What fireplace recess is required for a electric fire surround?

The majority of electric fires fit require a 55mm recess, however a small percentage of models require a 100mm recess. The Dimplex Optimist range is the rare exception and needs a 160mm recess, which is the largest recess requirement so far. The majority of electric fires are supplied with a “spacer” that can be used to hide the depth of the fire engine, by concealing it on the hearth with a black or colour co-ordinated frame. In our opinion using a spacer ruins the entire visual appearance of a Electric fire suite.