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Does The Gas Fire Ignition On Fireplaces Need Electricity?

December 20, 2011

Answer: No electricity usually needed Many Homeowners would prefer a back up heating option in case there is an electrical blackout. Hence, they would prefer an alternative heat source if the boiler could not be used due to an electricity failure

Gas Fires do not need electricity

1. The majority if not all gas fires are nowadays powered using a battery to start the ignition, rather than having the need to have an electricity supply. This also makes them more reliable and easier to install, as they simply need piped natural gas to work


2. The only exception to this rule is Power-flue gas fires. These fires are vented out of an exterior wall and are open fronted. The fire is designed to work around a sophisticated fan system, which draws air into the fire and extracts it outside using an exterior vent. As this fire needs a fan to work, it requires an electrical connection

3. If you are looking for an alternative exterior vented fire, then you should consider ‘Balanced fuel fires’. These fires are vented through an exterior wall, however the fire is glass fronted and uses a battery powered fire ignition system as opposed to power-flue gas fires. Balanced flue gas fires are also more efficient than power-flue fires