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Do you need any specialist fireplace grout to use on the joints on a marble fire surround?

February 22, 2011

All marble fireplaces are manufactured with joints to some extent that would look better grouted. Creative fireplaces as the manufacturing marble fireplace surrounds for over 20 years, and we have gained substantial knowledge and technical expertise in the design of fire surrounds to ensure that there are fitted friendly and aesthetically pleasing. All our marble fireplaces are manufactured with then minimal number of joints possible to create the desired design specifications of the fire surround. However, like all fire surrounds you will need to use of grout to fill the joints within your marble fireplace.

Is there any specialist grout available to fill the joints in a marble fire surround?


No there is no specialist grout available for use on marble fire surrounds. Our local installers simply use standard grout, which can be purchased from many DIY store such as B&Q. It is not possible to get a direct colour match, however the fire surround will look lovely once grouted.

Is an important to colour match the grout exactly the same shade as you fire surround?

It is never possible to get an exact match of grout, which will accurately replicate the marble colour on your fire surround, in the same way as it is not possible to get black grout in the exact same colour as your black ceramic tile. All marble fireplaces look substantially more appealing once there been grouted, as they seem complete and this adds to the charm of your fire surround