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Do You Need A Fireplace Hearth For Gas Electric Or Solid Fuel Fires?

September 27, 2011

Answer: Yes, however it depends We often get asked if a fireplace hearth (base section of fireplace) is necessary and what size is required if any. The below article will help identify what you should essentially know and understand about fireplace hearths:

What is a fireplace hearth?

A fireplace hearth is the base section of a fire surround. Typically the overall height of a hearth is 60mm from the floor. This section of the fireplace was originally intended to act as a protective layer to catch any falling coal or ash that may have come off a wood burning fire and hence act as a security barrier between the fire surround and home. In modern times, fireplace hearths are required when you are fitting a gas fire or solid fuel appliance (burning coal or wood). A hearth is not required technically if you are installing an electric fireplace .

What should hearths be made out of?

If you are fitting a high output fuel source such as solid fuel or gas fires, then this section must be made from non-combustible materials for obvious reasons. Electric fireplaces have much lower heat outputs (2kw) and for that reason an MDF hearth can be used if needed

How much should I pay?

Typically a marble hearth would cost over £150, however as a direct manufacturer you can purchase a made to order or standard size hearth from Creative Fireplaces for less than £100 including VAT & Delivery