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Do marble fireplace stain when used with gas fires?

December 15, 2010

Marble fireplaces will not typically stain when they are used with any gas fire. Marble is a popous material, however it has been used in fireplaces for many centuries.

What would make a marble fireplace stain?

1. If a gas fire causes the marble to change colour then there is usually excessive heat behind the back panel that is burning the marble. This is typically caused by an over sized builders opening. The cut out in a marble back panel is usually 16.25 inches (wide) x 22.25 inches (high). If the builders opening (opening in chimney) is much larger and has not been correctly installed then the heat behind the back panel can cause an air pocket and cause the marble to stain or change colour.

2. Marble will stain if any bleach products are applied to the surface of the stone. The polish of a marble fireplace is affected by bleach which causes irreversable staining.

3. Some harsh household multi cleaners can cause the surface of the marble to change colour as they contain strong detergents and colours. Similar discolouration would also occur on natural wood furniture.