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Do I Need A Professional Fireplace Fitter?

February 11, 2012

In many circumstances homeowners want to install their own fire surround to save time and money. There is however several things you should be aware of if you decide to install your own fireplace

What you should know:

1. By law all gas products including gas fireplaces must be installed by a gas safe registered installer. This is essentially designed to protect you and others from the likely immanent risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if there is a leak. It is also important to note that gas is extremely flammable and hence it is a fire risk that needs to be installed by an experienced professional

 2. Solid fuel fires should be installed by HETAS engineers or certified by your local buildings authority to commission them. This is again designed to provide necessary safety 3. It is possible to fit a marble fire surround and electric fire yourself. Electric fireplaces simply plug into a standard 13amp socket and for that reason can be fitted in virtually any room in your home. Electric fires do not need to be vented in the same manner as gas fireplaces, and for that reason are an ideal fire if you simply are looking to create a decorative focal point. Electric fires do not need to be annually serviced which will save additional costs as they are effectively low maintenance