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Do I Have To Remove The Fireplace Mantle To Change Lights?

April 07, 2012

Fireplace down lights are a great accessory for Marble Fireplaces if they are manufactured & fitted professionally in the fire surround. At Creative Fireplaces, the fireplace header is carefully crafted to incorporate 2 down lights and a recessed switch.

What you should be wary of when ordering a fireplace with down lights:

1. Some lower end manufacturers build fire surrounds with strip tube lights under the header. This light unfortunately does not look as elegant as two built in carved halogen or LED lights under the header. Tube lights also flicker extensively and have a different wider beam of light


2. Some showrooms use crude methods including recessed battery powered down lights under the fireplace header. Essentially this may work temporarily, however is far from ideal and the use of batteries to power down lights will mean you can only use the lights for a limited number of hours and then will have to somehow re-charge the batteries or replace them


3. LED lights are often fitted on premium fire surrounds. LED lights have a distinctive advantage over conventional halogen lights as they are much more energy efficient and last virtually forever (10’000 hours)