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Do Gas Fireplaces Require Electricity To Work?

June 11, 2012

We often get asked if gas fireplaces require an electric supply to work. Although every fire is designed differently and there are several different types of gas fires (high efficiency, LPG, Side control, flueless, Balanced flue etc) the majority of gas fireplaces do not require any electricity to work. The fire starter (the part of the fire that sparks) is usually battery powered and for that reason you do not need to connect your gas fire into home power supply for it to work. This is often very useful and practical as gas fires can work as a backup energy source of heating that can work if your electricity is cut off (in extreme weather scenarios) as your central heating system will not work without electricity (boiler would not work).

Do any gas fires need electricity?

Power flue gas fires (open fronted) are specially designed to vent through an exterior wall and work using a fan that needs electricity. Balanced flue fires (glass fronted) are more popular than Power flue gas fires as they offer higher heat efficiency and do not have a noisy fan. However some customers prefer open fronted fires as they arguably look more realistic and for this reason would specify a power flue gas fire for this reason.