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Do gas fireplaces have a higher heat output than electric fireplaces?

December 12, 2010


Gas fireplaces will almost always have a much higher output than Electric Fireplaces. Gas fireplaces function with piped natural gas which burns at a high temperature. Typical gas fireplaces are 3kw, however some gas fires can be in excess of 5kw. Electric firepalces on the other hand are simply connected to a standard 13amp socket and have a maximum heat output of 2kw for that reason.

Do you need the higher heat output from gas fireplaces?

1. Typically most homes will not need a higher heat output than 2kw, as they are already fitted with sophisticated central heating systems. Hence the fire is intended as a focal point rather than a principle source of heat.

2. Most homes would like to use an insert gas or electric fire as a focal point, and for that reason as long as there is a warm glow this is sufficient to create the effect intended and heat output is hence irrelevant.

3. On occasion, some homes need a high output gas fire to act as a principle source of heat for the living room. In this circumstance it is always advisable to purchase a "high efficiency" gas fire which is typically 98% efficient. The efficiency means that only a small percentage of the heat used in the fireplace is lost up the chimney, and the majority of the heat is emulated into the room