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Do do marble fireplaces need to be sealed after purchase and how frequently do marble fire surrounds need sealing?

November 26, 2010

At Creative Fireplaces all our Marble Fireplaces are already sealed prior to delivery. We also purchase pre-sealed slabs of Marble and Granite from our suppliers overseas. After a fireplace is installed it does not need to be re-sealed periodically as it has already been sealed at source (and at our factory prior to dispatch).

Marble fireplaces are much more resilient to stains when compared to alternatives such as Limestone fireplaces. Marble is less porous than natural stone or limestone which makes it a practical material to use in family homes.

Is limestone a practical material to use for fireplaces?

Limestone is much easier to stain than Marble, and we would strongly recommend marble fireplaces over limestone or natural stone fireplaces for this reason. Both Limestone & Stone fire surrounds will need to be sealed periodically to avoid the risk of them staining.