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Do all Electric insert fireplace fires make a humming sound?

February 19, 2011


Electrical inset fires traditionally made an annoying humming sound while in use. Modern electric fires do not make a humming sound whilst in use.

The development of modern inset electric fires

Over time electric fires and substantially improved in both visual appearance and performance. Electric fires used to have a basic effect, which was arguably unrealistic and unappealing to the majority of homeowners. Modern electric fireplaces have a wonderful radiant hologram glow and in some cases even have a built-in smoke machine (which is almost as realistic as a solid fuel wood burning fireplace). Over time fire manufacturers in being able to develop inset electric fires which do not work on a traditional spindle which is to create the annoying humming sound many people complained about in previous models.

Advantages purchasing and electric fire

1. Electric fires have substantial benefits of the gas fires as they simply plug-in to a standard 13 amp socket and do not require specialist tradesmen to install. This saves both time and money.

2. Electric fireplaces can be installed in any room in the home, as long as there is a standard 13 amp socket nearby. This makes electric fireplaces much more flexible than gas fireplaces or solid fuel fireplaces.

3. Electric fireplaces do not need an annual maintenance contract, unlike gas fireplaces which require a Gas Safe Registered Installer to service the fire annually.