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Dimplex Opti Myst Problems & Maintenance Reliability Review

July 07, 2011

Dimplex is by far one of the major manufacturers in the electric fire market. The company has been behind the technology driving electric fires for many years and has released the major innovations seen in today’s market place. In the past electric fires were simple ribbon effect engines which were very far from realistic. The motors on electric fires were noisy and simply a undesirable product. In todays revolutionary turnaround, electric fires are often as realistic if not more realistic at emulating a wood burning fire as a living flame gas fire.

What is the Dimplex Opti Myst Fire?

The Opti Myst Fire was a revolutionary breakthrough in the electric fire market as it combined the flicker effect of a conventional fire with a built in smoke machine. Electric fireplaces will never look the same after this product was launched

How it works

The Opti Myst fire uses a water tank cleverly located under the internal workings of the fire to transform water into myst (similar to what some people do with a pond). The myst is then illuminated with bulbs (underneath the area where it is dispersed). The myst is completely cold to touch and even safe for families with children

Problems and maintenance

1. At Creative Fireplaces we sell over 7 versions of the Opti Myst Fires as we feel it is a revolutionary effect that truly complements our high end marble fireplaces.

2. Today new fires have smaller water tanks and an adjustable mist output, which means this only last about two days, running  2-4 hours a day .

3. The Water filled in the tank must be filtered (E.G using a brita filter). We have had a problem using conventional tap water. We filled it for weeks using normal tap water and eventually found the mist generating outlet got filled with lime scale and stopped working properly. We also found it extremely hard to clean this area with the brush provided.  

4. The only major criticism of the Opti Myst fire is that the more complex mechanisms of these fires mean they go wrong much more often. This makes the fire unsuitable for elderly people who cannot work out what has gone wrong. For homes which will be fitting a fire surround against a flat wall you usually need a recess depth  or rebate on a fire surround of 75mm .  Dimplex however have some new models which can only be recessed into a bigger rebate- 80 mm or 90 mm rebate (void within a fire surround to accommodate fire), so please check insert depth on your chosen fire.

5. To conclude, at Creative Fireplaces we are a big fan of the Opti Myst fire and would certainly recommend the fire realistic effect. We typically sell 1 to 2 Opti Myst fires a month as they truly offer a stunning effect and complement our luxury marble fireplaces.

6] For Problems with Opti Myst fires please ring Dimplex themselves and ask for the Technical department. Their telephone is 0344 879 3588